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Youth Services

At CFYF we have many programs focused on preparing youth and adults for more independent living. We address the different life domains of each person we serve and their individualized needs including: Socialization; Psychological; Vocational; Educational; Physical Health; Legal; and Family concerns.

Center for Youth and Families Services aims to reimagine all client services provided to consumers from all walks of life through a holistic approach of incorporating youth development, family, and community engagement. CFYF understands the importance of eliminating barriers that create adverse effects by increasing resources for overall well-being such as: Yoga; Mindfulness; Martial Arts; STEM; Arts & Craft & Cooking.


Smart Steps

In 2003, CFYF co-founder, Glenice Shabazz founded Smart Steps CC, a youth focused program centered in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Smart Steps' mission is to build relationships between families, educators

and  communities in order to foster an environment that breeds academic achievement, cultural enrichment and self-esteem development in children. Services are available to children ages 5-13. 

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